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Global Peace on the Move 5


"I was feeling very content; more than happiness and it is growing everyday. One day I was giving love and kindness for one being and on that session I was on my island; I found someone from who I was expecting that he hurt me very much and I was able to forgive him in a very sincere way. I was not thinking about him and I was able to forgive him. It helped me very much to spread loving kindness that day and the experience was very amazing."

Global Peace on the Move 6


"I would like to say to the world to start with themselves. If you want to be happy, if you want to make people happy, be happy yourself. If you want to forgive people, forgive yourself first. Don’t blame people for things but look at your mistakes first. So inner peace means that it starts with you. Once you make yourself a better person, you can make the world better."

Global Peace on the Move 7


"It was nice specially because my brother liked it and he is not into these things at all and he was so impressed with it, so I hope he will continue meditating."

Global Peace on the Move 5


"I think the world has had enough of violence and war but now we need to be humans as we are supposed to be and be peaceful and respectful with each other."

Global Peace on the Move 6


"I think I become a much more peaceful person. Before maybe I had difficulty being happy when I had to solve problems or when something happened. But now I can deal with it much better and I don’t let difficulties or obstacles affect me as much. I know that I can just relax and look at the positive things. And it was really exciting to see that change in myself. Every day I just get happier and calmer and I can smile more so I was really happy to see that inner happiness arising."

Global Peace on the Move 11


"I felt a lot of love and happiness inside of me. This is important because meditation opens a lot of pure energy inside of us."

Global Peace on the Move 11


"I think the environmental problems come from the absence of mindfulness. If I'm more centered I can help people with environmental education and responsibility. "

Global Peace on the Move 8


"Since I've started the meditation it helped me to let go everything. "

Global Peace on the Move 5


"PR is us all meditating together for a better world."

Global Peace on the Move 6


"The online program helps you to find yourself. It motivates you to be more simple in your life and to find your own happiness."

Global Peace on the Move 9


"Now I can understand more the concept of “Culture of Peace”. I can now understand what the meaning of living with people that share and have that peacefulness inside of them. I think finding peace within ourselves makes us realize that we have to respect ourselves and respect each other and that this brings benefit to all, not only to a few people, but to all the people that are around you."

Global Peace on the Move 5


"I liked the idea of being more conscious when you are cleaning and eating because usually I would just rush when I eat and clean and not do it properly."

Global Peace on the Move 11


"I was so so grateful to be here, to meditate in the nature. I felt the gratefulness and I was crying and I was so happy that I have the opportunity to be here to meditate and to listen. I’m trying to be aware, to be aware of others, to look more if they are fine and to the nature and just to be connected, it was amazing."

Global Peace on the Move 8


"Every week I work in a different place with different people and I believe that to develop inner peace is important in order to improve these relationships and spread my own inner peace to others."

Global Peace on the Move 9


"At the fellowship we have a chance to concentrate on meditation and really get a feeling of peace, because we get the perfect environment for devoting ourselves totally to stilling our mind and to forget about everything else."

Global Peace on the Move 6


"So far I would say that, I felt so much joy. Once I was meditating and I relaxed myself a lot, I was really aware of the environment. But inside my mind when I was in the center, I was kind of floating in a bubble or something like that and receiving really good energy from all over. Like I could really visualize that energy in different colors actually and I was floating in a really nice place with trees and flowers, and I was like that for about 25 minutes or something and I felt really good, after that I felt really happy."


I felt so blessed, peaceful, and connected to something very beautiful. The feeling of unity with all human beings around the world is wonderful and truly inspiring. After meditating I refine my identity to love more and change the world. Thank you so much for this amazing experience!

Global Peace on the Move 7


"Before I thought that by coming to the retreat I would have interesting meditations with a lot of beautiful visualizations, like the moon, but here I realized that the only thing I really want from this experience and that I already achieved is the growing of the peaceful feeling inside me."

Global Peace on the Move 9

Juan Martín

"Attending to the Fellowship gave me more consistency in the practice of meditation, so I think there is a big chance to continue doing this when back at home."

Global Peace on the Move 10


"I was always feeling that there is something that will make my life complete. I think it is this feeling of peacefulness and tranquillity. I am strong and I will have this feeling no matter what. I have the power to overcome them and meditation really helps a lot."

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