Global Peace on the Move 5


"So meditation, it teaches me to think about myself but we have lots of philosophies that tells us that we need. If we find the real god if we need to find the real wisdom we need to find ourselves first."

Global Peace on the Move 7


"I learned so many good things and some good habits. Actually I am usually a quick tempered person. I learned that it is always good to tolerate some people and tolerate any other actions and always try to see something good from every criticism or acts against you."

Global Peace on the Move 5


"I got a lot of things like basic meditation skills, self-development and discipline in myself. Especially the five acts of discipline which potentially transformed my life. Before I had no time for myself, I didn't meditate but when I started the 42 day self-development program I started to give myself at least 30 min a day for myself, my interaction with people has developed and I now have smooth interactions with people."

Global Peace on the Move 8


"When we were cleaning the leaves from the path for me that was very relevant because , you’re faced with challenges in life. The first thing you do is you look at the problems, you look at that road and you just see those leaves, and what was very interesting for me, is if you focus too far ahead, I think you get too overwhelmed. But if you just focus on what you are doing to clean it up, one at a time and you look back and you can see how much you have done. So, for me in terms of the way I approach life, I think I get overwhelmed about what I have to do, hence the stress, but I think my biggest lesson is if you just do what you have to, over time you will see the results"

Global Peace on the Move 5


"The SDP is a good way to inspire people to have peace inside and to live their life harmoniously"

Global Peace on the Move 11


"I gained discipline but in a sabai way. No one is forcing us and everything is shown in a very soft and gentle manner. You naturally get the feeling from those activities, routines and commitment. You naturally grow to decide to do good things."

Global Peace on the Move 11

Joana Andreia

"First of all I´m much calmer, that is, I can, when I´m stressed I can stop, close my eyes for one or two minutes, center my mind and just breath in and breath out and I just can stay calm, for me that is already a great goal that I´ve achieved. Yes, I think that I think more about everything that I do, I´m more mindful, about what I eat, about how I spend my time, now I think that I really was spending much time with useless things probably because I think I have more time now, even back home in these last few weeks I could manage my time much better."

I Meditation Artistic Retreat


Meditation grabs me back to the original point of my life. So, I am very moderated in my temper in the way I treat people and the way I look at things. l really benefit from this process.

Global Peace on the Move 8


"This sanctuary has a particular energy to keep you focused on yourself to see that even though we are here, practicing peace in between us, there is also a world outside and we can see it when we go to the view point, there are other islands, there is also an outside world that needs the peace we are creating here."

Global Peace on the Move 5


"I think the world has had enough of violence and war but now we need to be humans as we are supposed to be and be peaceful and respectful with each other."

Global Peace on the Move 11


"I think more than meditation you become more sensitive and you really act differently. So, the way you think is different. The question for me was like " Yes, I need to change this, I am doing this wrong, maybe I can change this, how can I, etc"

Global Peace on the Move 6


"Inner peace is when you don’t have worries, when there is no ego inside of you, when you trust people, the future, when you are fine with everything that is inside of you, then as a consequence you will find all that you need around you. The universe will answer. "

Global Peace on the Move 8


"I feel like complete peace. Normally I live in a place which is completely different to this, 1,000 things in my head, too many responsibilities and my head is going crazy and it’s very stressful and being able to have an empty mind is amazing."

Global Peace on the Move 11


"I tried to learn guitar four times at four different places and I never did it, so I think that when I do it for the fifth time I’m not going to stop until I make it."

Global Peace on the Move 5


"Well first of all, I think it is like changing my habits. Because I start meditating and I stopped doing things that were hurting my body and my inner being, like taking intoxicants and telling lies that seems to be normal but its not good to do it."

Global Peace on the Move 5


For me, meditation helped me because it made me feel that I was able to take time out of the day to be with myself, to go into a space where I could give myself the time and the support that I needed.

Global Peace on the Move 6


"Inner peace is about being happy and satisfied with yourself and who you are. "

Global Peace on the Move 7


"About the teaching monks, they were really cool and very open. I love that. You know when you say monks, some people they don’t even want to talk to them. I liked it, they were very friendly and very peaceful. I can feel this connection. Thank you."

Global Peace on the Move 8


"One thing which really helped, was getting rid of some habits that were not good. Like not talking in an endearing way. So it really helped me. It helped me to explore myself, know more and explore the changes within myself. It has given me some peace that I've never experienced anywhere, just getting in touch with myself. "

Global Peace on the Move 9


"At the fellowship we have a chance to concentrate on meditation and really get a feeling of peace, because we get the perfect environment for devoting ourselves totally to stilling our mind and to forget about everything else."