Hall of Fame


Global Peace on the Move 11


"I tried to learn guitar four times at four different places and I never did it, so I think that when I do it for the fifth time I’m not going to stop until I make it."

Global Peace on the Move 5


"Well first of all, I think it is like changing my habits. Because I start meditating and I stopped doing things that were hurting my body and my inner being, like taking intoxicants and telling lies that seems to be normal but its not good to do it."

Global Peace on the Move 11


"I was so so grateful to be here, to meditate in the nature. I felt the gratefulness and I was crying and I was so happy that I have the opportunity to be here to meditate and to listen. I’m trying to be aware, to be aware of others, to look more if they are fine and to the nature and just to be connected, it was amazing."

Global Peace on the Move 7


"The self-development program gives us the opportunity to practice whenever you want and from wherever you are. I can download the MP3’s. If I go in the bus or maybe in the subway: it’s very practical."

Global Peace on the Move 6


"Inner peace, looking at the word inner because inner is a prefix being attached to the word peace. Looking at what inner is because inner peace basically tell me that peace is working within. Once you get deeper peace from within, then you are at peace with yourself."

Global Peace on the Move 8


"I could feel the difference in my life in the way I relate first of all to myself and towards the people around me, it made me change some priorities, give more importance to things that I didn't take the time to think about before."

Global Peace on the Move 7


"Through PIPO, I have learned about inner peace, my actions, my habits slowly have been changing towards peaceful actions and I am sure that I can influence people around to act for a better future. If we do good, we'll be able to influence others, so we can create positive change."

Global Peace on the Move 11


"Yes, when I'm meditating, I can see things around are not clean. So I see what I should implement in my life in order to make my external situation peaceful like my internal one."

Global Peace on the Move 5


"PR is us all meditating together for a better world."

Global Peace on the Move 8


"I mean even though I’m 33 and I should know how to act, there are just situations that you go through, like being abroad you deal with new people and new cultures. With the 42-day program it was good that they were repeating certain things, so one thing that was important was talking with nice speech, complimenting people, being polite. And that’s hard to do when you’re in a competitive environment in academics, or in a workplace, so it’s a good reminder."

Global Peace on the Move 5


"For me special OPS was the most important thing because I did three special OPS with kids and with my friends and I saw how inner peace can be spread easily to others. It shows me that it is possible to do that and I felt very happy with these three experiences."

Global Peace on the Move 9

Juan Martín

"Attending to the Fellowship gave me more consistency in the practice of meditation, so I think there is a big chance to continue doing this when back at home."

Global Peace on the Move 5


"Because people are focusing on the results of things, they are worried with what they want to achieve and not how. To achieve these results they find a way which is not the best way with no respect, no sharing and no spirituality. I think people would start to think about how we can do things better, and not focus only on the results."

Global Peace on the Move 10


"I felt so connected to the universe and I let this feeling of love in my heart grow and since then my meditation became spontaneous. You know heaven is not a place where you go, it is how you feel for a moment."

Global Peace on the Move 9

Maria Lisette

"The self-development program changed my life; it changed the way I see people, changed the way I see myself and helped me to quiet my mind. The PR meditation is easy to follow, gentle and soft, a very lovely meditation. The retreat changed my life further. I have had a lot of new ideas. It provided me with very good tools for my life and the lives of others and I know I can share this with people in my country."

Global Peace on the Move 5


For me, meditation helped me because it made me feel that I was able to take time out of the day to be with myself, to go into a space where I could give myself the time and the support that I needed.

Global Peace on the Move 8


"I think I learned something special from the self-development program, I gained a lot and now I’m trying to implement it into my day and it's really useful."

Global Peace on the Move 5


"I got a lot of things like basic meditation skills, self-development and discipline in myself. Especially the five acts of discipline which potentially transformed my life. Before I had no time for myself, I didn't meditate but when I started the 42 day self-development program I started to give myself at least 30 min a day for myself, my interaction with people has developed and I now have smooth interactions with people."

Global Peace on the Move 8


"I think the retreat was one of the best experiences of my life, I really had a great time here and I really enjoyed the meditation but most importantly I think is the connection with other people. It was just amazing for me to meet all these people, from so many countries and we are all so different we all have different backgrounds, different cultures we have different languages but here we are kind of all the same and everyone was so kind and so warm and you could feel this joy this happiness all the time around you."

Global Peace on the Move 11


"This two weeks was just putting in practice all what we have been learning. It has been very eye-opening for me. One of the things that I was not aware was about the mental power. I always had my plans but I was never getting there and was always asking what was wrong, but I could not find the answer in the state where I was living. So now when we had the sessions with LP John and he was talking about actually making concrete steps towards what we want to be, I could start seeing myself there."

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