Hall of Fame


Global Peace on the Move 5


"The SDP is a good way to inspire people to have peace inside and to live their life harmoniously"

Global Peace on the Move 11


""Big Thank you! I am very thankful. During meditation I feel gratefulness."

Global Peace on the Move 9


"I believe we are much more than a body and that our life can be much deeper if we go inside. I realized that I can meditate at anytime in any place."

Global Peace on the Move 10


"Now, I notice I know what to do, I feel so relaxed and calm."

Global Peace on the Move 6


"I think I become a much more peaceful person. Before maybe I had difficulty being happy when I had to solve problems or when something happened. But now I can deal with it much better and I don’t let difficulties or obstacles affect me as much. I know that I can just relax and look at the positive things. And it was really exciting to see that change in myself. Every day I just get happier and calmer and I can smile more so I was really happy to see that inner happiness arising."

Global Peace on the Move 9


"I kind of changed my habits during the program and after it I improved most of the things like stopped smoking and partying. You kind of lose interest in useless things."

Global Peace on the Move 9


"Meditation is like a mental sport, to be more focused more aware, being able to live in the present, without being distracted by other possible activities all the time."

Global Peace on the Move 9


"I had a meditation where I was at the same time big and small and at the end I was so small, smaller than one particle of the atom, so small and then big as the mountain."

Global Peace on the Move 11


"In my country we have five prayers a day, which is kind of meditation, but it’s a different kind. The meditation I had here is about self-development: you relax your mind and come up with positive thoughts."

Global Peace on the Move 11


"I have become stiller and calmer. I used to be all over the place all of the time. Meditation has given me creative ideas also. Right now I feel I have been more tolerant and calm with everything. "

Global Peace on the Move 9


"I learned the importance of being mindful about my speech, about my behavior, about my activities. It brings good results to be mindful, you are more conscious about what you do and then you have good results, good behavior, you give and you receive."

Global Peace on the Move 8


"I think the retreat was one of the best experiences of my life, I really had a great time here and I really enjoyed the meditation but most importantly I think is the connection with other people. It was just amazing for me to meet all these people, from so many countries and we are all so different we all have different backgrounds, different cultures we have different languages but here we are kind of all the same and everyone was so kind and so warm and you could feel this joy this happiness all the time around you."

Global Peace on the Move 7


"A Peace Agent is one who wants to change the world with peace and love. "

Global Peace on the Move 10


"Our world has become so material. Suddenly I discovered this program which is sharing the spiritual values. It’s a good sign that the people do it globally not only in Thailand but they give this knowledge abroad."

Global Peace on the Move 9


"I wanted a change inside of me and that was the way I found PR. In the Fellowship I learnt how to share and how to give."

Global Peace on the Move 9

Tsz Kin

"Basically, I think I really took some time for myself on a daily basis during the online program."

Global Peace on the Move 7


"I really want to try it like your slogan “Peace In, Peace Out" is attractive to me and I want to try and explore this way of achieving world peace and inner peace."

Global Peace on the Move 5


"Because I believe in the concept of Peace Revolution. That true peace in the world starts within us and I want to change the world so I must change myself first."

Global Peace on the Move 7


"The self-development program gives us the opportunity to practice whenever you want and from wherever you are. I can download the MP3’s. If I go in the bus or maybe in the subway: it’s very practical."

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