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The Special Ops, or Inner Peace Project should be simple and easy to execute. Be creative, and use your talents and gifts. Remember the focus of the project is on INNER PEACE, and how the start of world peace will be from peace within our mind. So, the activity and project you organize should be aimed at deepening your inner peace, and helping others find the peace that lies within.

Some ideas or samples of a great Special Ops is,

  • Meditation Group. You can invite some friends to meditate with you. You can share inner peace time with them, and invite them to share their feelings after IPT. You can also copy some of the meditation mp3’s in CD’s and invite everyone to practice IPT at home as well.
  • Family Peace Time. Invite your family to participate in a regular inner peace time session with you. Ask them to document their experience in a piece of writing or a journal.
  • Introducing IPT through a variety of creative activities, eg. visit an orphanage and lead them in a short IPT session. Invite them to paint or draw their IPT experience and feelings. Or, create an inner peace mural-everyone that takes part in creating the mural should participate in an IPT session with you. When everyone that joins in making the artwork has inner peace in their mind and creates it from their peaceful mind, the artwork will be a true expression of Inner Peace. If you are creative musically, you could even write an Inner Peace song. You can share this song with your family and friends and invite them to participate in an IPT session. Ask them how IPT felt, and how they feel after listening to the song
  • Volunteering activities that incorporate IPT. Eg. a neighbourhood clean-up. Invite your friends and community members to join in a neighbourhood-area clean up, like a schoolground, beach, street, or neighbourhood park. Invite them to follow a short guided IPT session, and during the clean-up activity explain how cleaning the outer environment can be symbolic of cleaning the inner environment. You could even ask them to do a survey about the activity afterwards, ask questions like, "Does your mind feel more at ease in a clean and organized environment?"

You can ask the Peace Revolution Crew or your Peace Coaches for advice on your project. Additionally, you will need someone to verify that you are doing it! So, don't forget to also submit a Special Ops Enforcer Form.

The idea is simply to implement the equation Inner Peace + Outer Peace = Sustainable World Peace. So, you have to find a way to combine Inner Peace you've learned so far with other Outer Peace activities in your society. Use your talents to design the project, your talents are your special gifts to use for the benefit yourself and others. We know you can do it!

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