The Peace Revolution

Many people live their entire lives guided and influenced by their respective cultures and customs, the politics of their respective countries, and their socio-economic status. They are frustrated by the quest for lasting happiness and genuine peace of mind. Many look to materialism and the abundance of possessions they can amass, or they become co-dependent on relationships and the acceptance of others.

This Peace Revolution is creating a new “paradigm shift” intent on redirecting and refocusing all of our personal priorities from an outward search to an inward quest designed to discover and cultivate a lasting, self-sustaining happiness. Through this, we open powerful, exciting and limitless new horizons of personal development. Through the transformation of our inner mind, each of us will consequently transform the world without! We become a living example. More importantly, we grow to be “Humane Change Agents” affecting both directly and indirectly everything around us in a most positive way.

Peace Rebels

Any Revolution consists of “Rebels” and this Revolution is no exception. We encourage, Peace Rebels to step outside the box, challenge conventional wisdom, and make a difference in the world around them!

“Peace Rebels” are exceptional individuals who see and understand the illusion, frustration, sadness, and danger of seeking happiness in the impermanence that external trends create.

“Peace Rebels” are willing and courageous enough to swim against the tide of popular opinion and understand why non-conformity, although difficult at times, can produce change! They are true Rebels because they are for Peace and because they know that World Peace Through Inner Peace is possible. Peace Rebels lead by example. Peace Rebels are not afraid to stand up for the Truth because they are destined to win. Be a Peace Rebel, and Rock the World!

Peace Agents

Peace Agents are Peace Rebels that possess the knowledge of what is peace, why we need it, how to obtain it. They have undergone an intensive 14-day training in Thailand. Their tasks are to cultivate peace within themselves and share it to others under the Peace-In Peace-Out (PIPO) process through Online Meditation and PIPO-on-demand. Some Peace Agents will be chosen to represent the Peace Revolution project as country coordinators and regional coordinators.

Peace Architects

Some Peace Agents who are committed to the Peace Revolution project may acquire a “Peace Architect” license and become a Peace Architect through an advanced “Peace Agent Summit” training organized once every two years. A Peace Architect is the designer of the 'building plans' for world peace, which is constructed on the firm foundation of inner peace. Peace Architect will devote him/herself to restore balance and harmony to human society, environment and the world. They are qualified to guide basic Dhammakaya meditation for beginners as well as present, design, and operate peace-building (PIPO) events and workshops. You may find out more about appointed Peace Architects here.