21 June – 20 July 2010
Chiang Mai/Bangkok, Thailand

Are you a young peace activist who is looking for something more to help you in your life and work? Are you interested in Buddhism and Buddhist approaches to peace building? Would you like to learn how to develop your own inner peace so that you can more effectively engage in your peace work?

The Peace Revolution Project is now accepting applications for the 2010 Fellowship in Thailand. The Fellowship is open to all young peace activists who believe that INNER PEACE + OUTER PEACE = SUSTAINABLE WORLD PEACE

Aims of the Program

Participants will:

  1. Study and practice inner peace techniques with youth working on peace from around the world.
  2. Learn about Buddhism and Thai Buddhist culture.
  3. Participate or volunteer in the biggest Mass Ordination Ceremony of 100,000 Thai monks.
  4. Attend the Peace Revolution workshop to develop their peace activist abilities.

Target Group

Youth aged between 18-30 years old. Up to twenty peace activists will be selected to attend.



Applicants must:

Fellowship Type

We provide Fellowship type A, B and C during the July fellowship as illustrated in the following table.

Fellowship A Fellowship B Fellowship C
Targeted age 18-30 Any Any
Airfare Partial Funding Self-supported Self-supported
Food Funded Funded Self-supported
($500 USD)
Accommodation Funded Funded
Local transportation Funded Funded
Meditation Retreat Funded Funded Funded

None of the fellowship type includes health insurance, sight-seeing and pocket money.

Fellowship Program

Peace Revolution will provide food and accommodation for all participants in the fellowship program. There is also a limited grant scheme to cover participants′ flights to Thailand. Please click here to download the airfare request form if you would like to apply for funding for your airfares.