Our acts are the consequences of our thoughts. Our thought is powerful. It can be the source of innovation, prosperity, and peace; yet equally likely, it can also be the source of human misery, corruption, and tragedy. Ultimately, it is responsible for the rise and fall of civilizations throughout our recorded history. Those that can change their thoughts for the better are the ones moving forward to a better future.The right thoughts arise from clarity of the mind, and such clarity of the mind comes from the stillness within.

Such right thoughts are also our guiding principles, which are universal and applicable to all of the causes for peace. No matter what your passion of social activism is, e.g. peace education, youth mobilization, environmental conservation, racial equality, or humanitarian assistance, the guiding principles endure. In particular, such causes for peace need to be developed and instilled in the mind of the people. It cannot be forced upon them nor can it be acquired suddenly over night. Rather, it requires a voluntary, personal commitment from people over time.

We believe that the first step in this gradual process is the cultivation of clarity of thought and open-mindedness. Through our “Peace In, Peace Out” (PIPO) Campaign, we provide a self-development program to foster such clarity of thought and open-mindedness (Peace In), which subsequently would enhance the effectiveness of such activism for social changes (Peace Out).

The campaign is designed for all people, regardless of nationality, race, and religion. It is based on the practice of meditation, the cultivation of optimism in life, and the acts of self-discipline. Through the campaign, you have an opportunity to develop yourself personally, and you are also encouraged to put your passion for peace into practice by engaging your local communities.We believe that our PIPO Campaign provides a synergic complement to all of the causes for peace. We hope that you will be inspired to participate in our campaign. Your participation will help us create a worldwide network of social activists who are ready to tackle global issues by approaching them locally.

This is the message that we would like to share with the world.

Peace In, Peace Out.

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