True Subject of Our Lives Meditation Transcription

Guided Meditation Transcription of
The Most Venerable Phrarajbhavanavisudh
(Dhammajayo Bhikkhu)

The Founder of Peace Revolution

Phrarajbhavanavisudh - The Founder of Peace Revolution
Meditation for beginners

This is the English transcription of this MP3 in Thai.

Let us all now concentrate on achieving inner peace. Sit in the meditation posture by placing your right leg on top of your left leg, and your right hand, on top of your left hand, your right index finger touching your left thump, and place your hands on your lap comfortably. Lightly close your eyes half-way, comfortably. Do this as though you are about to fall asleep. Do not squeeze your eyelids; do not press down on your eyes. Now, make your mind joyful, happy, clean, pure, and clear, without worrying about anything, no matter what it may be. Dismiss it, release it, and leave it. Make your mind empty at this time. Let us suppose that inside your body, you have no organs. You have no lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys, heart, and so on. Imagine that your body is clear and empty, like a funnel, hollow inside like a crystal tube, a diamond tube that is crystal clear.

And now, you begin to understand where to place your mind. Some people, when they think of their mind, go right to the middle of their abdomen. They are able to locate this right away and comfortably. They do not become tense and they do not press down on their eyes. But some people have not yet been able to do this. So, you should just place your mind at the location that will relax you first. This may be any place, without thinking of your abdomen. Feel that you are beginning to relax. You feel that it is easy. You are able to relate to the happiness that you gain. That is, your body, that usually feels dense and thick, begins to feel light, clear, and empty. It begins to drift aimlessly, like you are in the middle of outer space. Some people feel that their bodies disappear, as if they have no body. They only have a feeling that their mind is there. Some people do not know what to do when they encounter this condition of clarity and emptiness, or a feeling that their bodies have disappeared. Whenever we feel that, our mind is relaxed. When the mind is completely relaxed and receptive, we should turn the mind inward. There may be a clear object, some as small as a needle’s point, some the size of a star in the sky. This will appear when our mind is still. We should observe it by watching it indifferently, watching it casually. You may watch it, but not completely. The balance is what you must strive for, by using the method of being only still. You do not need to do anything. You do not have to ask yourself anything. You do not have to wonder about anything at all. This will always work because studying your inner self is beyond any level of thinking. You do not have to think at all. It is knowledge that arises from the act of not thinking. That is, your mind is still, pure, and bright. When it is bright, you will see. When you see, you will know. That is the way it is. This is different from what we have studied or know about, what we have listened to or read, or what we have thought about or written. This knowledge arises from stopping and being still, from not knowing how to think. The mind will come to a standstill, and then it will be bright, you will see, and you will know. Here, we must understand the process. This is the reverse of the world that we have studied.

If we can do this, it will be easy. And we will be able to study the knowledge from within. Be still and relaxed. You must relax. If you are still, but feel that it is difficult, uncomfortable, or restricted, or you do not feel happy, it is not relaxing to your body or your mind. It will not work. Do not push yourself to continue. Just gently relax your nerves and muscles. When we think of relaxing, our mind will relax our body. When our body is relaxed, it will be a path towards emptiness, openness, and stillness again. So, we must practice it like this and then we will succeed. And then we will see a clear crystal sphere. It will be bright. When you sit and close your eyes, it will not be dark. You will see a clear crystal sphere. You should just look at it, be still. When you focus on the right point, it will expand. Once it expands, you will be pulled inward, into your inner self. It will pull you, as if there were a large magnet inside, like a worldly magnet. You will be pulled inside. Some people feel frightened, startled, or do not know what it is because they have never encountered it before. You must let your mind go. Do not resist that feeling. Just let it go. Just act indifferently. And it will take its own course. Do you see that studying knowledge within is not so difficult? If we know how to understand and let go of our minds, know the steps of the inner experience, we will be able to do it. But before anything else, you must believe in yourself. Do not be doubtful or hesitate. Do not allow this type of thinking to arise. We must be confident that we can do this, because we know the method. There is nothing hidden.

We must train ourselves to practice regularly. Sit and practice. Stand and practice. Sleep and practice. If we have spare time, practice. What we are learning here, about stopping and stilling, is the most important thing. Therefore, we must train ourselves. If you are washing your face, brushing your teeth, you can practice. If you are showering, you can practice. If you are washing the dishes, you can practice. Wherever we are, we can practice. Sitting, sleeping, standing, or walking, because we already know the foundation. Our mind should be relaxed, regularly. Stopping is the point of success. Place your mind down gently. Your mind will be relaxed. We already know the foundation.

We can think of a picture if we want to. The picture can be a crystal sphere, a bubble, different fruits, or diamonds. They all work. Your mind should be light and relaxed. If it is correct, we will feel that when we sit, we are relaxed. When we are relaxed, our mind will expand. Our body will expand. We are open, transparent, and light. We really like it. We feel relaxed, so relaxed. Our body and mind will tell us whether we are doing it correctly. When we are doing it correctly, we should continue to do it. And when we sit, we feel that our face is smiling. Our face wants to smile by itself. This is the correct way. We must be confident that we can do it correctly. Or at the very least, we should train ourselves. Continue to practice and train, and regularly observe ourselves, and we will see where we are faulty, and also see the path to success. When you reach that point, your crystal sphere will be clear, your mind will be clear. When you touch the crystal sphere lightly, it will expand. And then you will reach a new one. It will fall into the center and pull you, and you are at another new one. And you continue to be still, and then it will pull you again, and another will appear, even clearer and brighter. It will continue like this. And then you will attain your inner body within, and the inner peace that is within. It is located in your body and in every human being, including our body. And when you have a good session, whichever day it is that you have a good session, do not hurry to end the session. You think that today, you have had such a good session already that you can go to sleep now. And then you will sit again tomorrow. Do not do this, because the chance for you to reach this point perfectly is not easy. It is more difficult than winning a grand prize. When you reach that point, do not hurry to quit. Just continue to sit. And it will be very good. If you are able to do it just once, reaching that point perfectly and correctly, you will think about it for the rest of your life. Therefore, you must remember. You must remember all this and what I have suggested. It will make you reach true happiness from the moment of you attained inner peace until the end of your lives.

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