Take a look at our comprehensive and rich meditation programs available on our website. Among them, you will find our popular and successful 42-days Self-Development Program. You will also find here tailor-made courses for companies to meet the needs and demands of the modern working world. We support your team to become the best version of themselves.And we mean it.

What is Self-Development Program?

Self-Development program is an online curriculum designed to provide all the tools and knowledge required for a progressive practice of meditation and self-realization. Meditation is the simplest and most effective tool for observing and realizing that the mind is most powerful when it is at a peaceful state. When the mind is still, it experiences the development of inner balance, awareness/mindfulness, empathy, wisdom, emotional intelligence, creativity and a conducive inner environment for mind-body wellbeing.

Meditation Insight - Introduction to Meditation in 8 minutes

How does it work?

Our SDP program has been carefully constructed incorporating these elements

Videos de meditaciones guiadas

Video diario provisto para que usted vea y siga paso a paso las instrucciones para aprender a meditar.

Reflexión diaria

Una herramienta para realizar un seguimiento de su propio desarrollo personal.

Actos de Autodisciplina

Diferentes lecciones sobre cómo cortar malos hábitos con poco esfuerzo diario.

Diario de meditación

Un espacio para registrar su propia experiencia de meditación, donde puede consultar a su mentor personal que lo guiará a lo largo de su viaje de desarrollo personal.

Peace Coach

Every person who starts our program will have a companion in their journey: a Peace Coach. Our Peace Coaches are experienced meditators who on daily basis and voluntarily will offer their time, energy, support and knowledge to those who are doing our program.

Upcoming Trainings

There is no training available at the moment. You can subscribe to our social network and get notified when we launch new opportunities.

Upcoming Events

WPI visualiza un cambio global sustentable en cuanto todos y cada uno de nosotros trabaje en su desarrollo personal. Para eso, hemos creado herramientas libres y accesibles para el empoderamiento y beneficio de todos los individuos, independientemente de edad, religión y cultura.

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