From 01 - 21 Oct 2021

21-day Non-stop
for the New Episode of Life

For just

210 USD

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70 USD pax

when signing up in a group of 3

Daily Interactive 90-minute LIVE via Zoom

OUR 21 day programme will help

Create a Growth Mindset

Make Meditation your Routine

Learn (at least) 1 Good Habit

Unlearn (at least) 1 Bad Habit

Become a Better Version of Yourself

Inspired by the notion that it takes 21 days to create a good habit, our 21-day online course focuses on: Meditation, Mindfulness, and Habit Development. You can skip any days and check the recorded videos afterward.

For those who are consistent with all LIVE lessons, workshop, exercises, and homework for 21 days, you will be eligible to apply for the next program to become one of our Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Trainers!

Program Outline

Week 1: Learn BMM & MEHD Diagram with exercises

Better ME Model (BMM) is a solution-based diagram with a holistic approach to help you get out of a trap and set life-goal realistically.

MEHD stands for Mind Empowerment and Habit Development which exhibits the 4 aspects of life from the Buddhist philosophy - Health, Love, Work, Happiness (HLWH) - with a practical tool to deal with each aspect effectively.

Week 2: Discuss Health & Happiness Aspects with workshop, games, and homework

5 Acts of self-discipline is a tip towards a building-block of your meditation practice.

5 Universal Goodnesses (UG5) will amplify the body and mind development to be healthy and happy.

DR.PHE stands for Discipline, Respect, Patience, Humility, and Empathy which make you admire yourself as another superhero in reality.

Week 3: How to Lucky in Game & Happy in Love

“4 Tips for a long-lasting relationship” is a magical yet applicable tool in a social distancing environment.

“4 stepping stones to improve work performance” is a key for job satisfaction and promotion.

Summary of 21 days Evolution to Master your Mindset.


What to expect


Guided Meditation Audios in EnlightenMe App (EM App) with different topics


A Meditation Journal in EM App which supports Daily Self-reflection to thrive in meditation practice.


LIVE Guided Meditation everyday from 3 pm GMT (or 10 pm Bangkok)


Daily thought-provoking LIVE teachings to inspire and transform a NEW you.


Fun Games and Insightful Exercises with breakout sessions to discuss and exchange ideas and know-how


Take-away Challenges (homework) to unlock your hidden potential with monitoring process to support your personal growth


Additional Free Exercises in EM App to support your Daily Habit Development. For example, BAC for Mindfulness in Action or Discipline game to track your 4 important routines towards success


Personalized path of your own self-development supervised by certified Mindfulness & Meditation Trainers and Coaches


E-certificate will be given for those attended at least half of the course


Private Facebook Support Group of like-minded people to motivate and drive your action


Andy Merckaert


Andy Merckaert

I got to know meditation five years ago. At that time I was still very confused and unbalanced. I was in a healing process, trying to heal from my addiction. I was in a coma for two days and spent eight weeks in a rehabilitation clinic. At the end of my hospitalization I got to know meditation ... the perfect moment. Meditation taught me to discover and develop myself. My habits changed and until today I am free from any kind of addiction and bad habits. I enjoy life.

Aseel Mohamad Nassar


Aseel Mohamad Nassar

Be optimistic, and radiate your positive energy…Aseel Nassar, a meditation and mindfulness trainer since 2015 with World Peace Initiative Foundation, she took over the management of peace coaches of MENA region, then managed social Media channels in the region, and currently she holds the position of Middle East coordinator.She organized many courses, workshops, camps, and retreat programs about meditation and mental health at regional and local level, like mind detox retreat, work life balance program and Heya fellowship for Arab women. She has variety of activities in Jordan, Palestine, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Oman, and online activities in other countries aswell.She has participated in many medical scientific conferences at Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Rehabilitation Science, Society of Multiple Sclerosis and conferences about addiction control. She presented more than 250 workshops in international organizations, menistries, universities, schools, training centers and health centers, women's-focused centers, addiction treatment centers and refugee organizations. She has trained more than 2000 in WPI self-development program.She has been recognized annually on global and regional level for its distinctive activity and dedication to reaching the goals that make a difference every year.

Channary Tauch


Channary Tauch

A developer, a teacher, an entrepreneur, and a mindfulness and meditation trainer. Graduated in computer science in 2016 , Nary has been actively involved in using technology to connect people to education. Her research focused on studying people emotion and mental health through mobile interaction published in UbiComp 2016. Nary started to meditate since 2011, and got more serious about meditation in 2018 when she has started to meditate 2 hours everyday until now. She delivers things with sincerity, and true compassion. Business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, students, sportsmen who are prone to stress experienced immediate relief after her session. Nary believes in constant transformation and life-long learning, in which she is striving to develop herself and others through all possible means.

Elvis Kumar


Elvis Kumar

Elvis is an empowering youth from Fiji in the Oceania Region. Having practiced meditation himself for over 3 years now, Elvis is passionate about peace education through conducting mindfulness programs, guiding meditation, youth empowerment and capacity building workshops in Asia and the Pacific. He has been involved in community development, youth and social work for the past 8 years and envisions sustainable development happening through self-empowered young people. He speaks English, Hindi and Native Fijian languages and likes meeting new people and enhance his knowledge on various cultures and at the same time, as a Mindfulness Trainer, share his knowledge on basic mindfulness practices.

Emmanuel Dushimimana


Emmanuel Dushimimana

Emmanuel is a Rwandan young leader and peace builder, holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Technology graduated in Computer Science. He joined peace revolution and participated in Alafia Francophonie fellowship in Benin (2017), Amani Fellowship in Thailand (2018), and Peace Architect training in Thailand (2019 and 2020), where he obtained the inner peace and self-love through meditation. After these fellowships he introduced meditation to many people and he initiated a peace club in his city. He believes that world peace is still possible once every one of us learn how to cultivate inner peace at individual level and share it with others. He is interested in conflict resolution, youth leadership and technology. Thanks to peace revolution he is more productive and creative because of mindfulness practices

What People Say

"The topics in this course were all interesting and related to daily life aspects. I liked it that there were exercises and discussions about the topic, or the opportunity to share experiences with others. In the "GAS" topic, the instructor's perspective itself was very good, and would be a useful tool to have"

Rut from Paraguay

""Everything was clean and clear. Course Instructors were so nice, clear and wise. I loved every single session and the last week helped me a lot and was a place of support and love for the special moment I am going through. I'm really grateful with this opportunity, with every soul that makes this course take place"

Maria from Spain

"I liked the BMM & MEHD topics as those are the topics I lack in my life. The self reflection of my ideal self, the discipline & habit development were all very great topics. It is why I registered in the course in the first place"

Sally from Palestine

"Everything was clean and clear. Course Instructors were so nice, clear and wise. I loved every single session and the last week helped me a lot and was a place of support and love for the special moment I am going through. I'm really grateful with this opportunity, with every soul that makes this course take place"

Maria from Spain

"Master your mindset to unlock your success… One of the best courses for getting the best version of each person of us, in terms of self-acceptance, raising awareness about ourselves, discovering ourselves, developing mental images, and arriving the best version of us. A wonderful course by all accounts, and I would like to extend a special thanks to the coach, Aseel, who was the inspiration and guide to attend the training."

Nizar from Syria

"The trainers of this course are masters, I attend many courses but in this course I felt you put the ultimate effort in this topic. For that I see this course is successful, as there is honesty in effort and performance."

Eman Abu Askar from Turkey

"I attended many courses, but I would like to thank you so much, it was the most beautiful course in my life. It was rich with information, but it has time to apply and practice, which is not easy find in any cours"

Nourhan from Egypt

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