Del 29 de Octubre al 26 de Noviembre

21 Días de Revolución: Creando Hábitos y Bienestar

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Hasta el 25 de Octubre

Sesiones diarias por Zoom de 1 hora, interactivas y en vivo de lunes a viernes 6:30pm (Horario de México, Colombia y Perú)

Nuestro programa de 21 días ayudará a:

Crear una mentalidad de crecimiento

Hacer de la meditación una rutina

Aprender (al menos) un buen hábito

Desaprender (al menos) un mal hábito

Convertirse en una mejor versión de uno mismo/a

Inspirado en la idea de que toma 21 días en desarrollar un buen hábito, nuestro curso se enfoca en entregar todas las herramientas para desarrollar la Meditación, el Mindfulness y buenos Hábitos .

Las sesiones se darán en Vivo de Lunes a Viernes, y quedarán grabadas para los que no puedan ir al ritmo del curso y las vean con posterioridad.

Aquellos que sean consistentes con todas las sesiones en Vivo, talleres, ejercicios y tareas durante los 21 días, serán elegibles para el siguiente nivel y tomar el curso que les permita convertirse en uno de nuestrosInstructores de Mindfulness y Meditación!

Program Outline

Semana 1: Aprender el diagrama BMM y MEHD

El BMM es un diagrama, basado en una aproximación holística, que sirve para salir del estancamiento personal y establecer objetivos de vida de una forma realista.

MEHD es la herramienta que exhibe las cuatros áreas de la vida de acuerdo a la filosofía Budista: Salud, Amor, Trabajo y Felicidad, y propone herramientas prácticas para tratar cada una de ellas exitosamente.

Semana 2: Examinar la Salud y la Felicidad con talleres, juegos y tareas.

5 Actos de auto-disciplina para sostener la práctica de meditación.

5 Valores Universales (UG5) para ampliar el desarrollo del cuerpo y la mente, y llevarlos a la salud y la felicidad.

DR.PHE son las claves de Disciplina, Respeto, Paciencia, Humildad y Empatía. Estos elementos son la base para el cambio personal.

Semana 3: Como tener “Suerte en el Juego y en el Amor”

“4 Tips para relaciones duraderas” es una herramienta aplicable incluso en un ambiente de distanciamiento social.

“4 claves para mejorar el desempeño en el trabajo” es clave para la satisfacción laboral y el ascenso.

Resumen de la Revolución de 21 días.


Qué esperar:


Sesiones diarias para inspirarte y transformarte en un “nuevo yo”.


Juegos entretenidos y ejercicios reflexivos que serán discutidos en grupo.


Tareas y desafíos para descubrir tu potencial oculto, con monitoreo individual para apoyar tu crecimiento personal.


Camino personalizado de desarrollo personal supervisado por Instructores de Meditación y Mindfulness, y Coaches.


Certificado digital para los que hayan asistido al menos la mitad de la sesiones en vivo.


Grupo privado de Whatsapp para recordatorios, motivación y apoyo.


Anayanci Vargas


Anayanci Vargas

Anayanci is an organizational psychologist, coach and trainer, with nine years of experience as a professional and seven years as a coach. She loves her job and seeks to inspire her coaches, students and clients with her energy and dynamism.She has worked as a university professor in areas such as leadership, organizational behavior, human management and managerial skills. She has lectured on nonviolence, communication, how to change bad habits, and other soft skills.She has been part of the Peace Revolution community since 2012, attending six meditation retreats as a participant or mentor, since she thinks that one should always be in search of inner peace. She believes human beings can achieve everything they set out to do, so she seeks to help other people to transform their lives. She believes that 'Everything is possible, dare to fulfill your dreams!'.

Barbara Contreras Preisler


Barbara Contreras Preisler

Bárbara discovered meditation in 2010 and joined Peace Revolution Self-Development program in 2011. In 2012 attended the GPM 7 and became Peace Architect (or Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor) by the end of the year. Turn-ons: meditating, writing, a well-made bed, mornings with a perfect cup of coffee, being anonymous in unknown places or traveling, reading poetry that makes her feel emotional. Weaknesses: sweets and desserts. After her Master in Politics, she gave up the idea of conquering the world - the world doesn't need more conquerors- and thanks to meditation she realized that the real conquest is herself.

Carmina Morales


Carmina Morales

Carmina is a certified meditation and mindfulness trainer. She holds a bachelor's degree in International Trade and a master's degree with merits in Finance and Development Economics from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She was corporate buyer for Northe America in one of the most important companies in the automotive industry in Mexico. Carmina is the president and founder of a NGO dedicated to the human and economic development of people through their cultural resources. She enjoys generating and leading projects on cultural and creative entrepreneurship, applied art and culture for leadership, social prevention of violence and mindfulness. From different platforms, Carmina is dedicated to designing, carrying out and disseminating projects that contribute to the construction of community, specializing in the generation of cultural, creative and introspective experiences for the experiential learning of soft skills, awareness, appreciation of cultural diversity and the peace building. She joined Peace Revolution in 2015, where she discovered a path to self-knowledge, self-care and self-realization through meditation. Since then, Carmina devoted personal and organizational efforts to work with World Peace Initiative Foundation to promote meditation as a peace building tool. From 2015 to date, he has organized meditation sessions, retreats and workshops that exceed 1,600 participants. Among its most important partners are the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Tec Milenio and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Toluca.

Catalina Maria Holguin


Catalina Maria Holguin

Catalina studied advertising and has a master's degree in Visual Arts. Around 2015 she began to search for a spiritual path, of more connection and awareness. She became a Reiki Master and began studying Thai massage in Mexico, where she was living at the time. She was also doing yoga and meditation on her own.But in 2016 she found out about Peace Revolution SDP and that same year she was invited to attend the Art and Meditation Retreat in Thailand.That retreat changed her perception and lifestyle in many ways and returning from there she became a Yoga teacher and decided to dedicate her life to promoting well-being to people, through meditation, yoga and different therapies.In 2020 she returned to Thailand and was certified by WPI as a Meditation and Mindfulness trainer.She continues studying and practicing every day, in search of being a better person, at the service of living beings.

Karen Mariela Ramirez

Costa Rica

Karen Mariela Ramirez

Karen is an enthusiastic meditation trainer and a yoga teacher from Costa Rica. Since she joined Peace Revolution Project in 2013, she started to discover that challenges are what makes life interesting, and seeing the world from a different perspective help her to understand the mind and body connection. She participated in the Global Peace on the Move Caribbean 2016 and the Peace Architect Training in 2017 were she gain more skills to become a role model. She feels committed to cultivate Inner Peace in order to promote Mindfulness and Meditation as tools to overcome obstacles in life with a clear and bright mind. She collaborated with World Peace Initiative Foundation and organized different peace events in her country for more than 1000 people, and now she is traveling abroad teaching and hosting meditation sessions, workshops and retreats. She encourage everyone to show with the example and never be afraid to failed or make mistakes because this is what make us grow and learn.

Lidia de La Garza


Lidia de La Garza

Lidia is a certified yoga teacher, meditation trainer and health coach that has been trained in Asia and America in order to share with people from different backgrounds techniques that lead them into healthier, balanced and happy lives. She's also a social entrepreneur that has been involved and lead social projects in Mexico, India and Africa in order to give empowerment to minorities. She's actively involved in the Peace Revolution project under World Peace Initiative Foundation and in 2015 she became a certified meditation instructor.

Lucila Voloschin


Lucila Voloschin

Lucila is an Argentinian passionate woman who is committed to deepen into her self-knowledge, consciousness growth and spiritual evolution in order to promote self-development and self-exploration in others. She is a BioEmotional Therapist, Life Coach and a Sociologist, and she loves traveling the world, meeting new cultures, writing travel chronicles, cats, and chocolate ;) Lucila is a Yoga Teacher, a Dancer and an Acroyoga practitioner and she has been really enthusiastic about promoting holistic health approaches, group’s dynamics, women circles, interculturality and spiritual knowledge. She became a Peace Coach in 2016 and a Meditation Trainer in Thailand in 2017 and since then, she has conducted weekly meditation sessions and workshops. Lucila is convinced that meditation practise has taught her that we all are permanent co-creators of our own life, reality and the world.

Sandra Liliana Gomez Sanchez


Sandra Liliana Gomez Sanchez

Mindfulness and meditation trainer, data architect, pianist, cyclist and magician's apprentice! Meet Sandra, a kind, joyful, peaceful and adventurous person with a positive and constructive mindset, dedicated and committed to being at service to others. Sandra has developed innovative ways to share the message of inner peace while working with different audiences, including kids, young leaders and entrepreneurs, also to create awareness of taking care of the environment. By traveling the world, she has confirmed what she believes: kindness is innate in human beings. She believes that life itself is one of the most beautiful expressions of creativity. "We are artists creating our own life."

Tania Mayela Palma


Tania Mayela Palma

Tania is from Honduras. She studied a bachelor in Marketing and a Masters in Project Management, and worked in the corporate world for many years. Since 2013 she got involved in volunteering and self development, and became a certified Emotional Health Counselor. Becoming more passionate for self development and healing she had undergone several certifications as a Emotional Integration Therapist, Transpersonal Coach and Family Constellations facilitator; currently she has more than 6 years experience in individual crisis intervention, personal coaching and group therapy. Also a Yoga practitioner and instructor certified in India, and with a specialty of Yoga and Mindfulness for children and educators.She is a meditation practitioner for 7 years and certified Meditation and Mindfulness Trainer with World Peace Initiative since 2018, renewing her certification every year in Thailand. She has delivered workshops, group sessions, and facilitated retreats in Honduras, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Latvia, and Peru.

Vanessa Rodriguez Narvaez


Vanessa Rodriguez Narvaez

A psychologist with a Master in Clinic Psychology focusing on therapy for children and teenagers. She has worked with the Government of Peru, NGOs, Eniexs, and international funds in the research, design, and development of programs for mental health and reduction of violence against women and children in Peru. As a writer, she has written many articles for online reviews as Proyecto Khalo and Mujeres Mundi. Currently, she is working at the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Population of Peru. She got a scholarship from the government of India to study, in 2019. Practices meditation and Sudarshan kriya as a way to grow personally and professionally. She is committed to the promotion of inner growth and spirituality.

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