PIPO Brazil 2018


DESCRIPTION ON FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/172343357044308/ In November, Brazil receives the monk-teacher Phra Pasura Dantamano, from the Peace Revolution project. Coming from Thailand to hold various events, lectures, workshops and Retreat of self-knowledge, he comes to teach meditation to all concerned. The goal is to promote a culture of inner peace and external peace. Meditation brings a number of scientifically proven benefits, such as improved concentration, reduced stress, improved immunity and physical and mental health, greater relaxation, greater self-perception, and emotional control. Above all, a person in peace does not create violence. Between November 20 and 22, seven locations in the capital of Minas Gerais will offer free and paid meditation sessions (ranging from R $ 10 to R $ 30). And from November 23 to 26, in São Paulo there will be workshops, meditation sessions and a retreat for self-development and promotion of inner peace. These activities are part of the Peace Revolution project of the NGO World Peace Initiative, which promotes a culture of peace throughout the world through mindfulness-based meditation, that is, of learning to focus attention on a single object. It is advisable to advise by email (brazil@peacerevolution2010.org) full name and session chosen, as well as arrive in advance at the desired location. If there is stocking, access will be by order of those who have communicated and introduced themselves so soon. More information: brazil@peacerevolution2010.org 11-994044452

Organized By:

Lana Okada | Luciana Duarte |


Date Workshops Title Venue City
23-11-18 Afternoon meditation session at Medical Sciences School of Santa Casa of Sao Paulo: "Developing your Medical Sciences School of Santa Casa of Sao Paulo Sao Paulo
26-11-18 Night meditation at Centro de Estudos da Consciencia Centro de Estudos da Consciencia Sao Paulo
24-11-18 Meditation retreat at Mosteiro São Damião Mosteiro São Damião Ampparo/Morungaba
20-11-18 (1) Morning meditation session at Casa Juta Casa Juta Belo Horizonte
20-11-18 (2) Night meditation session at Espaço Odara Café e Ofícios http://odara.co/ Belo Horizonte
21-11-18 (3) Morning meditation session at Law Schoool Law School Belo Horizonte
21-11-18 (4) Afternoon meditation at the Federal University of Minas Gerais Federal University of Minas Gerais Belo Horizonte
21-11-18 (5) Night meditation session at Cristal Terapias Cristal Terapias Belo Horizonte
22-11-18 (6) Morning meditation session at PUC Children's International Summer Villages Belo Horizonte
22-11-18 (7) Afternoon meditation at Soul Zen Spa Soul Zen Spa Belo Horizonte
22-11-18 (8) Night meditation session at Namah Espaço Namah Belo Horizonte
26-12-18 Workshop: Meditation and Self knowledge Hospital Nipo Brasileiro Sao Paulo
26-11-18 Meditation Session in Ibirapuera Park Parque do Ibirapuera (Antiga Serraria) Sao Paulo

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