Mindfulness Tour Czech Republic


Mindfulness tour Czech Republic brought awareness of mindfulness meditation both to the public, student and employees in Prague and Brno. Participants were surprised that they could meditate more than half an hour in a raw and they could experience what it is like to feel relaxed and light.

Organized By:

Husarová | Husarová Zuzzi | Zuzzi | Zuzzi Husarová |


Date Workshops Title Venue City
17-11-18 Yoga Lokah Mastering Emotional Inteligence (Emoční Inteligence) Yoga Lokah BRNO
17-11-18 Industra: Stress Management Industra Coffee BRNO
17-11-18 Expediční klubovna Brno: Decode Your Passion Expediční klubovna Brno Brno
18-11-18 Women Empowerment Konektor Community Brno
18-11-18 Conflict Resolution at Konektor Community Konektor community BRNO
18-11-18 Recept for academic Success Expediční klubovna Brno Brno
19-11-18 How to build Harmonious relationship University of Mendel Brno
19-11-18 Mindfulness in Daily Life Newton College Brno
19-11-18 Science Behind Meditation Masaryk University- Faculty of Medicine Brno
20-11-18 International School of Brno International school of Brno Brno
20-11-18 Mindfulness Club at VSE University VSE Prague
21-11-18 Google Company Prague

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