WPI is in search of individuals who are passionate about inner peace through mindfulness and meditation. We invite you to join the force in achieving sustainable world peace with us. We provide all the tools and resources that you would need to professionally live your passion for inner peace and meditation as a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer through our rigorous training programme that will enhance your teaching and communication skills while boosting your personal development through meditation and habit development practices. These Training programmes provide an effective platform for you to access the global community of meditators, networking and capacity building opportunities.

For over a decade now, WPI has been providing the platform for individuals to turn their passion of meditation into a profession by becoming a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer through an intensive training programme. We regard our Mindfulness and Meditation Trainers as ‘Peace Architects’ as we believe they are the designers of the 'building plans' for world peace, which is constructed on the firm foundation of inner peace.

Since 2012, we have certified over 170 Peace Architects from 70 different countries who have contributed immensely towards the well-being of their communities and world peace.

The Offline Training

A 323-hour Training, hosted annually in January at a beautiful sanctuary in the peaceful and serene forests of Thailand. The location is particularly selected as it enhances the learning environment for the Trainers. While this Training is the first for the beginners, it is also a re-training for the junior and senior Trainers.

Our Training offers:

Mindfulness & Meditation practices

  • 4 guided meditation sessions daily by Buddhist teaching monks
  • Google with Monks: an awakening session of Q&A on life
  • Meditation Clinics: one-on-one private consultations with monks or mentors

Learning & Teaching sessions

  • Learning about buddhist philosophy
  • Topic presentations underlining Buddhist philosophies on Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence and more.

Good Habits Guide

  • Early to bed and early to rise practices
  • Daily healthy eating and Yoga practices
  • Peace In Action activities to bring more peace into your daily life
  • Clean In Clean Out

Meditation Teacher Certification

  • Workshops/ Group activities based on Mind Empowerment and Habit Development, Public Speaking skills, Curriculum Designing, Public Relations & Social Media skills, and more
  • Written and Oral Examination with monks and WPI committee


  • Networking opportunity with people attending from around the world
  • Turn to yourself and your immediate surroundings with digital detox
  • Receive regular coaching from senior Trainers (Mentors)

What you'll get

1 year certification as a Mindfulness & Meditation Trainer upon successful completion of training.

Authorised to conduct corporate trainings and paid retreats under WPI banner

Represent WPI in approved regional and international events with funding support

Personal business cards, equipment sets and promotional materials to aid you in your activities

All year round educational support from teaching monks

Fully sponsored retraining after 1 year upon successfully meeting the post-training requirements


The Online Training (Online Beginner Course for Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainers (OBCMMT))

The OBCMMT was introduced in the year 2020. Although an online training course, the quality and standards are not compromised and we have carefully designed a course curriculum that ensures the quality of Trainers certified through it. Considering the scope of the OBCMMT, it will now be the prerequisite for the offline Training in Thailand. A total of 6 courses have been offered in the last 2 years, certifying a total of 30 Mindfulness and Meditation Trainers.


Becoming a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer with WPI has been a desire for many but remained unfulfilled as our Trainings required one to be a Peace Agent with us first. However, through this course, we are now providing the opportunity to anyone who is interested in turning their passion of meditation into a profession to become a certified mindfulness and meditation trainer with us. However, the following requirements must be met to ensure the high standard and calibre of our Trainers:

Successfully complete the 21-Day Online Evolution Course

Complete the Free 42-Day Online Self-Development Program

Submit the Pre-Course Assessment Form

The Course offers:

  • Full Course of 10 Episodes (recorded videos). One episode per day which is of 60 - 90 minutes and can be done at any time of the day
  • Post-episode activities which includes practising ‘Universal Goodness’, ‘Being at the Center’ and answering self-development related questions.
  • LIVE group discussions with senior Trainers in the respective region
  • LIVE tutorial with teaching monk to prepare for final assessment
  • Final Assessment (Meditation Script, written test, and Oral Presentation)
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer certificate upon successful completion

What you'll get

  • Learn to guide basic Dhammakaya Meditation
  • Coaching and Mentoring by senior Meditation Trainer
  • Set and monitor self-development goals and personal meditation experiences through EM app
  • Become a Beginner level Meditation Instructor (6 months certification)


Upcoming Trainings

There is no training available at the moment. You can subscribe to our social network and get notified when we launch new opportunities.

Upcoming Events

WPI envisage cette paix durable lorsque chaque individu travaillera à atteindre le développement personnel en soi. Ainsi nous avons rendu disponible un outil libre et accessible pour le renforcement et le bien être de chaque individu dans le monde sans distinction d'âge, de race, de religion et de contexte culturel.

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