Global Peace on the Move 5


"I liked the idea of being more conscious when you are cleaning and eating because usually I would just rush when I eat and clean and not do it properly."

Global Peace on the Move 7


"Before I thought that by coming to the retreat I would have interesting meditations with a lot of beautiful visualizations, like the moon, but here I realized that the only thing I really want from this experience and that I already achieved is the growing of the peaceful feeling inside me."

Global Peace on the Move 10


"Our world has become so material. Suddenly I discovered this program which is sharing the spiritual values. It’s a good sign that the people do it globally not only in Thailand but they give this knowledge abroad."

Global Peace on the Move 5


"I have changed a lot, myself, in my work place, with my family and my friends, everything has changed. First I have this calm life because I work a lot and I am restless and the whole day I am trying to work. When I started with meditation, the anger that I have whilst working I can fix now in a smooth way. The relationships I had with my family and friends have also changed."

Global Peace on the Move 6


"So far I would say that, I felt so much joy. Once I was meditating and I relaxed myself a lot, I was really aware of the environment. But inside my mind when I was in the center, I was kind of floating in a bubble or something like that and receiving really good energy from all over. Like I could really visualize that energy in different colors actually and I was floating in a really nice place with trees and flowers, and I was like that for about 25 minutes or something and I felt really good, after that I felt really happy."

Global Peace on the Move 9


"Meditation is like a mental sport, to be more focused more aware, being able to live in the present, without being distracted by other possible activities all the time."

Global Peace on the Move 7


"One good thing for me was to learning about the importance to honour my parents – I love them, but sometimes I don’t respect them as much as I should. It was good to remind myself to honour them whatever they are, no matter if sometimes they have different thinking to mine."

Global Peace on the Move 6


"It went beyond expectations! It’s a very beautiful experience especially because now I came to understand more what it is all about. As I said, pushing the restart button."

Global Peace on the Move 11


"You start feeling a lot different and you start behaving differently towards other people. It’s very interesting because it’s mixing very ancient wisdom and new technology and helping more people all around the world get connected to the inner peace"

Global Peace on the Move 9


"In some situations where I would panic, now I can just calm down, stop for a second and then make the decision to see how it goes or let it go and it really helps, it works."

Global Peace on the Move 8


"Every day meditation, it was an awesome way because it really relaxed me in every simple way, at the end of the day or in the morning, especially in the morning because when I meditated I was the whole day still and calm."

Global Peace on the Move 6


"I think I become a much more peaceful person. Before maybe I had difficulty being happy when I had to solve problems or when something happened. But now I can deal with it much better and I don’t let difficulties or obstacles affect me as much. I know that I can just relax and look at the positive things. And it was really exciting to see that change in myself. Every day I just get happier and calmer and I can smile more so I was really happy to see that inner happiness arising."

Global Peace on the Move 9


"During my meditation I felt like a child, I felt that innocence, simplicity and pureness, so it was nice, I didn’t want to come back. After that, all the day I could keep that nice feeling inside of me and looking to the world as if I see it for the first time."

Global Peace on the Move 6


"You can learn many things about yourself and how to find more serenity, more tranquillity, have more awareness."

Global Peace on the Move 16


It’s been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. It just told me to see the world then it completely it different way.

Global Peace on the Move 6


"Inner peace is when you don’t have worries, when there is no ego inside of you, when you trust people, the future, when you are fine with everything that is inside of you, then as a consequence you will find all that you need around you. The universe will answer. "

Global Peace on the Move 8


"I feel like complete peace. Normally I live in a place which is completely different to this, 1,000 things in my head, too many responsibilities and my head is going crazy and it’s very stressful and being able to have an empty mind is amazing."

Global Peace on the Move 9


"I became more conscious about the present moment and about the needs of my friends and family and I respect them more, I became more loving and caring."

Global Peace on the Move 10


"The questions in the program help me to think about myself, and how do I really behave. It is so easy for people to say “I think that I’m good”. But when I asked myself I started to analyze myself, I become more tolerant."

Global Peace on the Move 9

Maria Lisette

"The self-development program changed my life; it changed the way I see people, changed the way I see myself and helped me to quiet my mind. The PR meditation is easy to follow, gentle and soft, a very lovely meditation. The retreat changed my life further. I have had a lot of new ideas. It provided me with very good tools for my life and the lives of others and I know I can share this with people in my country."