“Inner Peace Time” a.k.a meditation is the core of the Peace Revolution. At Peace Revolution, we choose "Dhammakaya Meditation", which is the simplest form of meditation.

In brief, what we do when we meditate is to comfortably gather our mind inside of our body, at the center, which is in the middle of our abdomen or stomach, and keep it there for longer periods of time.

We achieve happiness and inner peace through the birth of inner feelings of goodness, purity, softness, delicateness, refinement, and freshness. This is the result of a mind that has come to a peaceful state.

Meditation Insight - Introduction to Meditation in 8 minutes

Benefits of Inner Peace Time

On the physical level,

IPT will increase our physical health by reducing blood pressure, stress, lowering our heart-rate, increasing the brightness of our complexion, and making us a naturally calm and stable person. When we meditate, we recharge the mind and body with positive, wholesome, and purifying energy so that we want to do more good things for ourselves and for others. This way we help to create peace on all levels including our environment and world.

On the mental level,

IPT opens our mind up to new possibilities, and thus more wisdom. It keeps our mind crystal clear, and allows us to be a leader. We can see the whole picture of everything around us, and thus we can make the best decisions. People will then be inspired by the clarity of our minds. The art and habit of meditation is the only thing that will allow us to do this. That is why it is the basis of all real knowledge.


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the benefits of Inner Peace

If you would like to start revolutionizing yourself, we would like to challenge you to practice at least 30 minutes of “Inner Peace Time” per day.

You neither need to change your belief nor your lifestyle in order to meditate. Anyone regardless of race, nationality and belief can always enjoy the benefits of meditation. Please be open-minded and trust yourself! There is no right or wrong answer on this scale and meditation is, as they say, a win-win situation.

What are people talking about IPT?
Aya Aly, Egypt
I learned sabai is not just a feeling, it is a life style, we say here sabai food, sabai people, sabai walking sabai talking and consequently the sabai feeling. 
Suha M. Ayyash, Jordan
Truly, I want everyone to have meditation, to close their eyes. Because when I tried meditation, inner peace and inner balance, I felt that I wanted to create an interest in the community and the people around me. Having meditation as a tool to achieve stillness, if you are able to comprehend it, it will make you see things differently.  
Elina Bauze-krastina, Latvia
Inner peace is my goal. The place I am searching. When I am not in peace I am working to reach the state again. I think It’s the natural state of how to be - just like the trees, they are always in peace. I think it’s the same with people, we just need to find the right method how to get there and meditation is one of the best. To live in connection with the true nature of humanity and in connection to others is the happiest thing, otherwise life is sad. If we want to be happy people, it means we need to work with ourselves and reach this state of peacefulness; no one else will do it for us. We need to work, little by little, but the result and benefits are worth it and then we can live as free as birds.