A Peace Rebel’s Special Ops Mission is an Inner Peace Project.  The Peace Revolution is not an ordinary revolution, we are not using ordinary weapons, instead we use something much more effective, in the Peace Revolution you are armed with inner peace all the time. Now we invite you to shine the light of peace to those around you by carrying out a special ops mission.  Still your mind by doing a session of IPT before choosing your project, when your mind is filled with peace ask yourself, ‘What kind of project will help me and my family, friends, colleagues or community discover the miracle of inner peace?’.
Special Ops: Peace Rebels and Peace Agents'
Global Mission

There are 3 types of Special Ops: onlineoffline and live. For those who would like to apply for the Peace Revolution fellowship, remember that you need to complete



5 or more participants required

Peace Rebels can pick a Peace Revolution's Inner Peace Time video and play it for your friends or family in order to let them explore the concept of Inner Peace. This simple activity can easily be integrated with a dinner, a birthday party, before or after a meeting at a company or any situations.



10 or more participants required

Peace Rebels can do the Special Ops online with professional meditation guides via an Internet connection. This will allow participants to correctly understand how to do it and will be able to begin with their own feet. Questions can also be made LIVE too.



15 or more participants required

There are more and more Peace Architects around the globe and there may be also one near you! Why don't you try to meet one and let him/her guide a meditation session exclusively for you and your friends? Well, technology has brought us together, but there is nothing better than a face-to-face connection, right?


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If you are interested in doing an activity in conjunction with your self-development program, click to submit a new Special Ops. Should you need more information, please contact special-ops

Jana Polianskaja, Lithuania
My Special Ops was with people from different religions. There were muslims, protestants, buddhists and orthodox friends. 
Magda Nazer, Bulgaria
It was really nice to do it with my friends you know in an environment that was very nice in a way that you can feel your energy of all those people who close their eyes and decide to go deeper into themselves but you are still together.  
Raphaela Simões Pedroso, Brazil
Special Ops was good to see if people are interested. I could realize that many people have this feeling and this interest, but sometimes they don’t know how to organize their time so they could do this. But many people showed interest.