What People Say

"With meditation my thoughts are slower, less aggressive and more beautiful."

Barbara Contreras Preisler

"I feel complete peace. Normally I live with 1,000 things in my head, too many responsibilities and my head is going crazy. It’s very stressful and being able to have an empty mind is amazing."

Luis Alvarado Martinez

"In finance and banking there is a lot of stress. There is a lot of energy always flowing around, people yelling all the time. I think they would benefit a lot from this program because it not only teaches inner peace but mindfulness as well."

Alexander Suárez Parra

"No matter what happens in life, we can always live in a state of perfect contentment and genuine, true happiness. This kind of inner, unchanging happiness is not something difficult to experience, but so easy and natural. But why not put it to the test yourself? Try it out! You have nothing to lose and the greatest of happiness to gain."

Anita Nuss

"I was always feeling that there is something that will make my life complete. I think it is this feeling of peacefulness and tranquillity. I am strong and I will have this feeling no matter what. I have the power to overcome and meditation really helps a lot."

Maryna Yazianok

"I am a PHD student, I have to concentrate, and sometimes I cannot solve some problems in my projects. When I concentrate on my center, in several seconds I can solve everything. I don’t know how it works, but it works. When you cannot solve something, just put your attention here and it will be fine."

Alona Tynkova

"In some situations where I would panic, now I can just calm down, stop for a second and then make the decision to see how it goes or let it go and it really helps, it works."

Kateryna Gryniuk

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