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Over years, Peace Revolution has served a few thousands Peace Rebels around the world as a platform for learning about inner peace and meditation. However, while the system keeps expanding, it has been developed solely by a few hands, which cannot keep up with the growing demands from the members, crews and volunteers around the world. Therefore, to build a better future of the Peace Revolution platform, we need your help. We are looking forward to computer programmers, developers and designers who are willing to volunteer with the website in the following aspects.

If you have the skills and are willing to volunteer, please send your resume to webmaster.

Let's collaborate and make the better version of the platform that inspires many thousands together.

Mexico Mayela Vera
I want to volunteer! but as a tester ´cause I don´t know any of the other things
Kenya Evelyne Mukami Wanyoike
Hi, would love to volunteer as a tester as well as I have no much IT know how
Zimbabwe Tobias Saratiel
I am good at social media, very excellent but I am not good at developing the afore-mentioned applications but I would love to volunteer on that.
Senegal Papa Abdoulaye Kane
Ghana Nash
I will like to volunteer, am good at social media and critic. How may i be of help?
Ghana Felix Nyarko
I will love to volunteer, am good with computers and hold only a certificate to basic computing and also attaining my BSc Information Technology and good at social media and critic. How may i be of help?
Zambia Tia
I can volunteer, I have canal knowledge of most things there. I am sure I can help and in return learn
Yemen Ebtehal Gamil Al-razehi
I love to be a volunteer. I'm a graphic designer ,however I have basic ideas for multi- media.

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