Kimberley Evans says:

Hi, I'm having some trouble with replying to my Peace Coaches! Whenever I click on their messages, the page with their message appears and then disappears, so I cannot type a reply. Any advice? Thank you, wishing you a peaceful day

Benin Claire Hazoume
Hello, I have the same problem.
Would love to reply my very encouraging Peace Coach :).
Any solution found so far ?

Kenya Bahati Ernestine Hategekimana
Samr problem. I cannot reply to my coach's messages. Whats up?
Uzbekistan Fotima Abdusamatova Baxtiyor Qizi
The same problem. I can see in my e-mail that my coach sent me messages, but there's none in my inbox folder here.
Somalia Adnan Abdo Muhammed
I am having errors with the daily lessons, and my coach is not replying.
Somalia Adnan Abdo Muhammed
the percentage scale that shows how much classes I took is not updating, it remains 2% and now I have done my 3rd class, it should update and increase. is there any error in the server or its just me who is experiencing this? will this be a problem to my self development journey? please fix this. Thank you.
Benin Claire Hazoume
Hey all! Hope you are all doing good. I found where the coach messages are shown : as a comment at the very bottom of your page, every day - not in your Inbox.

Have a great day ahead!

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