Max Raphael says:

Meditating With My Mom

Today was such a happy day.  Somehow, I got my mother to meditate with me to a guided Peace Revolution mp3.  I wasn't sure if I could get her to agree to do it—she is usually very skeptical of anything and everything, and seemed dubious about doing this.  She agreed earlier in the week, but wanted to do it at her apartment.  I encouraged her to come to my apartment, because I have a meditation room and she would have no distraction around.  She agreed, fine, but asked, how loooong we would meditate, and I tried to ignore that question :)
Well, she came over today, we chatted before going into the meditation room, and we meditated to the Sabai guided session.  We didn't move while sitting together facing the wall, closing our eyes.  Her posture was straight, her breathing was quick, but soft and peaceful.  She barely moved.  When we came out of the session, I handed her an envelope with questions I wrote for her in advance.  She asked if I wanted her to answer the questions immediately, and I said that was up to her.  To my surprise, she got to writing.  I left her in the room to finish.  She approved me to post her journaling on this site, so I did below :) 
I told her thanks and she thanked me, and we parted for the day.  At the end of the day, I called her on the phone to thank her again for coming over.  I was surprised at her ability to relax and find enjoyment of the session.
She said she had thought about the experience all day.  Before meditating, she was anxious about all the errands she had to run during the day.  After meditating, she said she went to do her errands and noticed how calm she was.  
She thanked me very warmly for asking her to meditate, something she had never done.  She said she very much enjoyed the monk's words, and said it was very easy to relax.  She said "I just did what he told me.  I was like a baby!"  I thought it was funny to tell her that this is just what the monks tell us to do in other sessions, to be like a baby.  She didn't know they stress this very idea!
I was also very warmed when she told me how proud she was of herself.  She told me she wanted to do it again next week!  I was delighted that she even came this one time!  I am so proud of her and her openness, her ability to keep a beginner's mind.  I told her that she made meditation look much easier than even experienced meditators can make it look.  
She noted how special and different it was to share this time meditating, instead of meeting for dinner or watching TV together.  It was a gift that we could share this time and do it so mindfully and comfortably.  I feel so different talking with my mother now.  I feel like we have entered into a new world of understanding together.  Thanks for this opportunity.


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