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The Peace Revolution Selection Committee would like to proudly announce the winners of the Global Peace on the Move 9, January, 2013. Congratulations to all the winners. If your name is NOT on the list, it does not mean that you are disqualified. You will have to hurry and follow our fellowship's requirement. It's first come first serve!

Peru cheti
yeii!!! I'm excited!!!
Peru Angie Lorini
Me too :)
Peru David Javier Santos

It will be an only woman retreat!!! :-)
Colombia Angie Jamileth Samaniego
Great! I'm so Happy! We'll meet up soon girls! :)
Peru Antonella Galli
Netherlands Maria Alejandra Tejada
Peru Diego Grana Leon
Great! congratulations girls!
Mexico Marcie
I am very happy, see you soon girls!
Peru Pamela Castillo Otoya
Hiiii all of you!!! yeeeeii!!!! :)!!!
Pakistan La Reina
Congrats friends...
Wish you best of luck!
South Africa Anita Nuss
Congratulations everyone!
This is only the first announcement. More will follow.
Chile Barbara Contreras Preisler
Congratulations to all!!!
My dears Antonella, Cheti, Angie Lorini, Lidia, Marcela, Pamela y Angie Samaniego: estoy segura de que este será el momento de sus vidas hasta ahora!!! Lo que aprenderán será invaluable para ustedes, disfrútenlo y aprovéchenlo lo que más puedan, llénense de energía y amor!!!. Un fuerte abrazo para todas y cada una de ustedes =).
Mexico Ilse Vazquez Vidal
Congratulations everyone!
India Kuldeep Singh
Congratulations everyone ! all of you deserve for it and be ready for one of the most exciting time of your life ! Good luck for the people, who are yet to join this list :)
Mexico Marcie
Muchas gracias por tus buenos deseos, Bárbara! Thank you all for your wishes!
Kyrgyzstan Jazgul Arikbaeva
Congrats to all! I am looking to meet with everyone! Yahoo!!!
Mexico Marcie
See you soon, Jazgui =D
Peru Angie Lorini
WE should start having contact trought facebook my acount is "An Yee" add me.
Indonesia Natalia Dewi Pratiwi
Congratulation sisters ! :)
Pakistan Irfan Ullah Khan
Congratulation to All
Pakistan Irfan Ullah Khan
please likes and shares it, its also work for peace in Pakistan
Romania Emese Margit Boga
Soo happy! :)
Argentina María Luz Ramírez
See you all in Thailand!
Mexico Susanita
Congratulations to all of you girls!!!
All the best in your experience in Thailand!!!
May the love and inner peace can be spread all over the world to continue with the aim of revolution of changing minds. :)

A big big hug to all of you!

Brazil Natália Neni
Very happy to be in this group! See you in Thailand girls!
Mexico Marcie
Hello girls, does anyone arrives in thaildand jan 8? Please, send me a message :)
Pakistan Irfan Ullah Khan
Congraluation to all!!!
But make a group of facebook to discuss.
United States Kenny
anyone decides to do some traveling before or after the fellowship?
United States Kenny
I will be going to the fellowship too :)
Colombia Lina Maria Santos Arias
Kenny, i´m thinking on doing something after the fellowship and i,m going to!!!!
Colombia Lina Maria Santos Arias
Im looking forward to meet you all of you peace rebels!
Ethiopia Nahom Tsegaye Haile
Congratulations to you all!
Qatar Alexandra Bouças
Hello!! I am going too! I am so excited to meet you all :)
Mexico Marcie
Just few more days to meet you guys :)
Belgium Glenn Van Rijckeghem
Succes everybody!
Slovenia Ajda Zupancic
I wish you all a safe journey!
Mucha Paz, Luz y Amor para todos.

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