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Peace Revolution strives to bring peace to the world by supporting individuals to find inner peace and sharing that peace with their families, friends and communities, hence the slogan PIPO or Peace In, Peace Out . So, in order to change the world, we need to start from changing ourselves.
The unique approach that distinguishes Peace Revolution from other peace initiatives is the inclusion of three components that support personal development of our members aka Peace Rebels.
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2012 Peace Revolution - The inside story

Upcoming Moonfest
Moonfest is an inter-connected online Inner Peace Time gathering where Peace Rebels join together through Peace Revolution Channel to cultivate inner peace and share it with the world.
Apply for Our Fellowship Today!

Peace Rebels who are active and committed to the cause of peace are invited to join the fellowship to attend our training program in Thailand , Europe or in Latin America. The fellowship will involve a peace training where young participants from all over the world can practice meditation in a beautiful retreat environment as well as yoga, group activities and workshops. So apply for the agency and start episode 1 of the online self-development program !


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