Peace Revolution is a project under the World Peace Initiative Foundation. The project offers 42 days of self-development, an opportunity to learn meditation, practice mindfulness and develop positive habits using a free, online tool.

Instead of searching for happiness outside, accumulating possessions, or seeking for acceptance from others, Peace Revolution creates a new “paradigm shift” by redirecting and refocusing all of our personal priorities from an outward search to an inward quest, inviting to discover and cultivate a lasting, self-sustaining happiness.

This is how Peace Revolution, a limitless and dynamic online platform accessible for all global citizens, has been transforming lives through a thoroughly designed online curriculum, enabling the growth of Human Change Agents and affecting everything around us, both directly and indirectly, in a more positive way.


Inner Peace + Outer Peace   = Sustainable World Peace


Guided meditation videos

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What is Self-Development Program?

Self-Development Program is an online curriculum for lifelong self-transformation. The program is meticulously designed to help you cultivate inner peace and build healthier and happier lifestyle in just 42 days! Additionally, once started the program you will receive full support and helpful suggestion from your experienced “Peace Coach” who will be your personal mentor throughout the program.

Peace In

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SDP is a rich pool of knowledge about the development of inner peace that you can learn through:

Guided meditation videos

Daily video provided for you to watch and follow the instruction on meditation step by step.

Meditation Journal

A space to record your own meditation experience where you can consult your personal Peace Coach who will mentor you along your self-development journey.

Acts of Self-Discipline

Different lessons on how to cut bad habits with little daily effort.

Daily Reflection

A feature to keep track of your own self-development.

Inner Peace Time

Peace In starts with your Inner Peace Time (IPT). IPT or meditation is the most important element of Self-Development Program. Personal development starts from the very inner growth of what the mind experiences, including the development of mindfulness, empathy, awareness, wisdom, emotional intelligence, balance and other components. Meditation is the simplest and most effective tool for observing and realizing that the mind is most powerful when it is at a peaceful state.

Meditation Insight - Introduction to Meditation in 8 minutes

Benefits of Inner Peace Time

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Benefits on the physical level

IPT increases our physical health by reducing blood pressure and stress, lowering our heart-rate, increasing the brightness of our complexion, and making us a naturally calm and stable person. When we meditate, we recharge the mind and body with positive, wholesome, and purifying energy; we become willing to do more good for ourselves and others. This way we help create peace on all levels including our environment and world.

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Benefits on the mental level

IPT opens up our mind to new possibilities, and thus more wisdom. It keeps our mind crystal clear and allows us to be a natural leader of our lives. We can see the whole picture of everything around us, and therefore - make better decisions. People become inspired by the clarity of our mind. This is why the art and habit of meditation is the basis of pure knowledge from within.

Can I meditate?
In order to meditate, you neither need to change your belief, nor your lifestyle. Anyone regardless of race, nationality and belief can enjoy the benefits of meditation. Be open-minded and trust yourself!
Revolutionize yourself and practice at least 30 minutes of Inner Peace Time per day!

Special Ops

Special Ops

An initial step to Peace Out on Self-Development program is called Special Ops. After several days of practicing meditation, there will be an opportunity to do a special Inner Peace project that allows you to share what you have learned with people around you. It is called a Special Ops. One of the best forms of learning and applying new knowledge is to learn, contemplate and then share it around! This is the very first step that you can do to start spreading your Peace Out.

3 Types of Special Ops: OfflineOnline & In-person.

Special Ops: Peace Rebels and Peace Agents'
Global Mission
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Offline Video call session


To organize an offline session, you should invite at least 5 participants, pick a Peace Revolution IPT video and play it for your friends or family letting them explore the concept of Inner Peace

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Online Video call session


To organize an online video call session, you should invite at least 10 participants, conduct an online video call with our Certified Mindfulness and Meditation trainer and use the opportunity to ask questions about your meditation experiences.

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In-Person Session


To organize an in person workshop session, you should invite at least 15 participants, as well as invite our Certified Mindfulness and Meditation trainers near you to lead the session in person. This option allows you to have a more dynamic face-to-face connection with the trainer.

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For those who would like to apply for the International Peace Training in Thailand, you need to complete:


42 Days!


Don´t worry! Throughout this project you will be supported by our Peace Coaches. Try the first 7 days, and you will feel that even 15 minutes of Inner Peace Time a day can change your life! Moreover, those who successfully complete all the 42 days of the program will receive the opportunity to apply for our International Peace Training in Thailand, Europe or Latin America!

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
Lao Tzu

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WPI envisions sustainable change happening when each and every one of us works towards their own self-development. Thus, we have created free and accessible tools for the empowerment and wellbeing of individuals worldwide, regardless of age, race, religion, cultural background.

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