Amandla East and Southern Africa Fellowship

25-27 March 2016, Lilongwe, Malawi.

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.”

The fellowship is not available to apply for at the moment.

Our world is full of challenges. As a result many are stressed, anxious, unhappy, and emotionally unstable. We lack the peace of mind and in many cases choose to be controlled by what is happening around us.  

Are you a young African peace activist who desires to overcome the aforementioned challenges? Do you want to unlock the door to your inner peace and self-development to help you in your studies, work and life?  Peace Revolution offers you the opportunity to cultivate a strong peace culture based on the principle of Peace In, Peace Out. In cognizance of the special need to develop young peace activists who can respond to the needs of the continent, Peace Revolution invites you to the Eastern & Southern African Regional Fellowship in Lilongwe, Malawi.

‘Of the changes that I have undergone, only the people I am surrounded by can truly attest to the full benefits that this fellowship has reaped. I now feel I have found a place where I belong, where I am free to be, feel and express myself’ Chiletso Beatrice Phiri( Malawi)

Peace Revolution’s Amandla East and Southern Africa Fellowship will bring together 50 participants from Eastern and Southern Africa region on a 4-day inner peace transformation journey. The fellowship shall provide an opportunity for participants to contribute to world peace through developing inner peace using meditation and self-development as foundation. 


  1. Empower young people with the tools to inner peace, positive thinking and habits through the practice of mindfulness, self-discipline and meditation.
  2. Connect young people in these regions and enhance their sense of solidarity, compassion and togetherness.
  3. Provide a forum of networking and exchange for future collaboration and partnerships while fostering mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue.

Program Description

The training starts with 21 Days online self-development program on our interactive platform providing you the basic theory and practice; develop the tool for inner peace. 

The fellowship offers 4 days intensive training program providing participants with deeper insight in the relationship between inner peace and sustainable world peace through mindfulness and meditation and enhancing their ability to create peace within their family, professional and social environment. Hence participants will learn the benefits of meditation in relation to:

The fellowship in Malawi includes: 

To be eligible, applicants should:

  • be African nationals residing in Eastern and Southern Africa (Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Djibouti, Comoros, Eretria, Ethiopia, Somalia, Malawi, Mozambique, Sudan, South Sudan, Botswana, Seychelles, Lesotho, Madagascar, Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mauritius). 
  • be 20-32 years old at the time of submitting the application in order to receive the airfare support. Applicants above 32 years of age will have to pay their airfare to attend.
  • have completed at least 21 days of the 42-day online self-development program. Note that in order to submit the application form, candidates do not need to have completed the online self-development program.
  • have good proficiency in written and spoken English language. Those who can speak French will have an added advantage.
  • be optimistic, be open-minded, show leadership potential, and have a genuine interest in peace building.
  • be young leaders in local, national or international organizations.
  • send a recommendation letter from their organizations/institutions.
  • pay a commitment fee of 100USD before the arrival to the retreat site (by Bank transfer or Western Union)

Selection criteria include:

  • Completion of at least 21 days of the online self-development programme.
  • Show of interest in meditation and self-development
  • Even distribution of participant from the legible countries
  • Likelihood to benefit from participation in the program and to contribute to world peace
  • Commitment to adhere to the program of activities during the duration of the fellowship
Application Deadline (last date to apply online)
December 1st, 2015

Eligibility Deadline (last date to complete at least 21 days of the online Self-Development Program)
December 14th, 2015

After completing 21 days of the self-development program, the Peace Revolution selection committee will make an interview appointment based on your performance, available fund as well as group combination in each fellowship. There is no need to write a request for an interview. If you are qualified, we will contact you by ourselves.

Should you need more information about the fellowship, please following the Amandla Facebook event or contact: Timothy Onyango, Fellowship Manager at timothy.onyango
The fellowship is not available to apply for at the moment.