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What is Inner Peace Time (IPT)? General Questions

Inner Peace Time is the core concept of Peace Revolution. To find out more please see the following link:

What meditation technique do you use? General Questions

There are a variety of meditation techniques in the world. As Peace Revolution started in Thailand, we use a meditation technique called ‘Dhammakaya’ technique which originated from Thai Buddhist culture.

What is the online Self-Development Program? General Questions

The online Self-Development Program is free 42 day challenge which teaches users simple techniques to develop skills of inner peace. Users can learn about meditation and write about their experiences whilst being accompanied by our special online ‘Peace Coaches’. This program uses technology to create a unique interactive platform for people to learn about and practice simple tools for inner peace, regardless of where they live, how much money they have or which culture they are from. All you need is an internet connection!

Thousands of people around the world have used our Self-Development Program, and those who are able to complete all 42 days will get the chance to apply to our fellowships in Thailand, Europe or Latin America. It is available in both English and Spanish.

What is Special Ops? General Questions

A unique element of Peace Revolution, is that we not only encourage people to work on their own inner peace, but also to implement peace within their own environments.

What is Moonfest? General Questions

Moonfest is a live online meditation which we host twice a month to anyone who wants to join. It will usually be led by one of the Monks who also appear during the Self-Development Programme. It is a chance for anyone to join a free meditation with others around the world and also ask any questions to the Monk.

What are the Peace Revolution Fellowships? Fellowship Questions

Those who successfully complete the 42 day Self-Development Program can apply to participate in one of our Fellowships. The fellowships are intense trainings where participants can enhance their skills of inner peace through sessions of meditation, yoga, group activities and workshops. Participants are of a variety of nationalities, religions and cultures from all over the world and we have had over 400 youths join our fellowships.

How many different fellowships are there? Fellowship Questions

We have our main fellowships which take place in Thailand, which are open to all Internationals. We also have our regional fellowships which take place in Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and Africa. There are also a special fellowship for artists as well. You can find more up-to-date information about our fellowship programs on this page.

What are the eligibility requirements for the fellowships? Fellowship Questions

The eligibility requirements differ for each fellowship. To see the specific eligibility requirements for each fellowship please see the following link:

I am over 32 years old, can I still apply? Fellowship Questions

Everyone is welcome to join the fellowship. We are looking for young peace activists interested in self-development and meditation, who want to learn how to develop their own inner peace in order to engage more effectively in their peace work. However to be eligible for the partial sponsoring of airfare, candidates must be between 20-32 years old.

Can I apply to more than one fellowship? Fellowship Questions

You can apply only for one fellowship of the same category at a time. For example, if you currently apply for a Global Peace on the Move 15, you cannot apply for Global Peace on the Move 16, 17, 18 ... until Global Peace on the Move 15 is over. However, if you previously applied for a regional fellowship, you can also apply for Global Peace on the Move at anytime.

What should I complete first, the application form or the Self-Development Program? Fellowship Questions

If you wish to apply to our fellowships, the first step is to fill in the application form and then to start the online Self-Development Program.

How do you select the participants? Fellowship Questions

The most important aspect of applying is to complete at least 21 days of the online self-development programme. We will try our best to select a varied group from as many countries as possible.

What are Peace Rebels, Peace Agents and Peace Architects? Program Question

Peace Rebels are those who start our online Self-Development Program.

Once Peace Rebels attend one of our fellowships in Thailand, they become Peace Agents.

Peace Architects are qualified to guide basic meditation for beginners as well as present, design, and operate peace-building (PIPO) events and workshops.

What is Peace On-demand? Program Question

Peace On-demand is a local, national or international peace event. Many of our Peace Agents who have attended our fellowships, have created community peace initiatives around the world to promote the use of meditation as a foundation of peace.

See our Peace On-demand page here:

Can I become a volunteer? Program Question

To be considered as a volunteer, you must already be a Peace Agent and have therefore joined one of our fellowships in Thailand. Once becoming a Peace Agent, there are many ways in which you can volunteer to help us and you can join our growing network of international volunteers.

Who are Peace Revolution’s official partners? Program Question

Please follow the link to see our current list of official partners.

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