In Person Special Ops

There are more and more Peace Architects around the globe and there may be also one near you! Why don't you try to meet one and let him/her guide a meditation session exclusively for you and your friends? Well, technology has brought us together, but there is nothing better than a face-to-face connection, right?


Each session focuses mainly on meditation and some basic self-development principles. It will not have connection with any religious perspective. However, selected topics on Buddhist wisdom and Buddhist studies may be available upon prior request.

The Meditation technique the Peace Architect will share, is the Dhammakaya Meditation technique, the one that is also taught during the Self Development Program.


  • The number of participants must be at least 15 people;
  • The venue should be a place that is rather quiet with not much noise from street.
  • Punctuality is very important. The Peace Architect can wait for the participants up to 15 minutes.
  • The session will last for about one hour including introduction, meditation session and Q&A.

How to participate:

In order to participate, just fill-in the IN PERSON Special Ops form, choose the applicable date and time and wait for our staff to confirm. If you want to do it as a regular event, please drop us a message. Please note that we don’t have Peace Architects in every city. You can check the available cities here.

Note: this is also the option for people already attending Dhammakaya regular meditation sessions and would like to invite more people and count it as Special Ops for the International Peace Training in Thailand. Please note that although there could be more people in the session, however you need to invite 15 people on your behalf. This session will be guided by the regular teacher which could be a Teaching Monk.

WPI envisions sustainable change happening when each and every one of us works towards their own self-development. Thus, we have created free and accessible tools for the empowerment and wellbeing of individuals worldwide, regardless of age, race, religion, cultural background.

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